New podcast episode: Hello, Nessie!

Ok, so I’m jumping the gun a bit posting this already, but the deal is that I’m back from my travels through America’s heartland and I’m just waiting to receive the recording I did while I was out there so I can edit it down to reasonable listenableness. But two things to look forward to:

1. My heartfelt conversation with Cyrus Huffhines, recorded in the lobby of my Chicago hotel, during which we discuss his really amazing (and as-yet-incomplete) build about his childhood home and growing up with his severely bipolar father.

And on a much lighter note…

2. I visit the real-life AM Radio and he was nice enough to buy me breakfast!!!! So I go on and on about that.

I was trying to explain to my mom the significance of #2 and the best I could do was to say, “Mom, I feel like the Loch Ness monster just came up out of the lake and ate breakfast with me.” Which was really my way of trying to sum up this sense that a profound mystery had been simply and directly solved, on one hand with no fanfare and then on the other in a way that was complete and perfectly satisfying. But it also allowed me to make this fantastic drawing in an attempt to capture my experience:


Nessie in this case is a kind of body-double or stand-in for the actual artist in question… AM Radio in no way resembles the Loch Ness Monster. It’s a joke. But the stunned expression (and the eggs!) are real. Also, Cyrus was after me to photograph at least the place where AM and I met so I’d have some sort of pic to post here, but I really didn’t want to risk unmasking him without his permission at all. So this drawing will have to do.

Stay tuned!


~ by amyfreelunch on November 18, 2008.

4 Responses to “New podcast episode: Hello, Nessie!”

  1. Sounds exciting and intriguing! I’m looking forward to hearing about both Cyrus’ build and the AM Radio breakfast. Haha!

  2. Nessie doesn’t look like that either, well not the last time I sighted it at Loch Ness. Egg & Cheese?

  3. ooooh sounds cool,and very ointeresting cant wait to hear it!

  4. You don’t have to wait Kenry, the interview went out live on Wednesday but you can listen to it now in the archive here.

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