Episode 4: CRY!

Ahhhhh, Second Life art. You are a cruel mistress.

In episode four of my Arthole show, Jeff and I speak about the work of Georg Jankin over at Node Zero gallery. We then head over to talk about DanCoyote Antonelli’s latest work Hostile Space, but then I get I what I think is a really terrific idea…

Give that Hostile Space is a departure from DanCoyote’s usual work, wouldn’t be interesting if I brought Jeff over to look at some of the artist’s greatest hits first? ‘Cause that would mean that his reaction to Hostile Space would be all the more well-informed and good, right?

Well, that was the idea. In practice, here’s what happened:

Jeff and I are walking around DC’s gallery space, talking about some different sculptures there. It’s a productive talk and everything is going well, except maybe it’s going a little too well: We got sucked into a twenty minute long side conversation about the pros and cons of Formalism and the politics involved in those pros and cons, and frankly that conversation would be completely uninteresting to anyone not me, Jeff, or a Michael Fried wannabe. But whatever, just as soon as I could formulate the words cuttingroom floor in my head, we go over to look at Hostile Space.

Up we teleport til we get to the piece. We dive right in and start taking it apart, looking at these weird mutant animals DC has created (so very different for him!) and so forth. And then Amy Freelunch takes a misstep and comes hurdling out of the sky, which is a pain in the ass, but whatever – let’s teleport up again.

Oh, first my computer crashes and we lose a bunch of the recording. And then we restart and TP again.

So we get up there and Jeff points to part of the screen and says, “Hey, what is that over there?” and I say, “I don’t know” so I steer Amy Freelunch over to investigate the blob in the corner we’re talking about and… she comes hurdling out of the sky again. Fuck. This is getting annoying. Ok, no matter – we have about an hour’s worth of conversation already in the can all in preparation to talk about this piece, just get back up there and get going already…

Except the teleporters are now gone. Like, totally gone – like apparently you only have two chances to see the work and then if you screw it up like I did, no art for you.

I did everything I could.

I restarted my computer.

I waited around for about half an hour (Jeff gave up but I was a trooper).

I locked myself in the kitchen and smoked cigarettes.

My computer crashed three more times.

Yeah, good fucking times. By the end of the evening I was so bitter I couldn’t pull my shit together to just say a few words and finish out the podcast, so I got really drunk and went to sleep. I don’t think I spoke a sentence that didn’t contain the phrase “fuck DC!” all night. Hostile Space indeed.

So that’s what leads us to our first ever see-though poll:

Be sure and let me know your thoughts.


~ by amyfreelunch on October 22, 2008.

3 Responses to “Episode 4: CRY!”

  1. Well you coped admirably under the circumstances, but the piece was called “Hostile Space” after all, so maybe your calamities were cunningly orchestrated by that evil artist DC!?

    Personally, I’d like to hear more of your opinions on the work next week, if it is so radically different from DC’s usual output it’s worth exploring why.

    Cool you went to the Node Zero gallery too, it’s a great space that often gets overlooked.

  2. Jeeze Amy, sorry for your inconvenience! (how long have you been in SL?) I recommend you make a landmark at the work so you can get back there if you computer crashes. The crashing part is how your computer is dealing with the new SL update I suspect. I haven’t the foggiest why you kept falling out of the sky!

    The piece is not really all that hostile, however difficult you found to to be! I will install a new and better teleport system. that gets you there instantly since the chair lifts seem to be malfunctioning.

    Please be patient my urban friend!


  3. I would like to amend my less than gracious post above by reporting that I have just repaired the problem with the teleporter to “HOSTILE SPACE” and invite you and Jeff to come and continue the studio visit if you still have a hankering for spacial hostility. 🙂


    Dudley Cranberry

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