Selavy Oh interview!

This month’s Arthole broadcast of the Amy Freelunch Hour contains a lengthy conversation between me and Selavy Oh. The interview started in November and sort of trailed over to just last weekend! In it, Selavy talks a lot about this idea of embodiment of one’s avatar, the relationship of SL art to the history of art, and (am I too corny in saying this?) much, much more!

But don’t just tune in to my show… check out Arahan and Nebulousus’s shows as well. Here is the schedule for Wednesday, Feb 25:
Arahan Claveau: 9pm UK/GMT (4pm EST/1pm PST)
Amy Freelunch: 10.30pm UK/GMT (5.30pm EST/2.30pm PST)


Nebulosus Severine: 9pm US/EST (6pm PST/2am UK/GMT)
Amy Freelunch: 10.30pm US/EST (7.30pm PST/3.30 am UK/GMT)

Copy and paste this link into your streaming media player:
(e.g. in Windows Media Player press CTRL+U, and then paste the URL of the live stream in the ‘Open’ box).

Show archives here.


~ by amyfreelunch on February 24, 2009.

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