New episode: Interview with Scott Kildall

Arahan and Neb aired my interview with Scott Kildall (aka Great Escape) today, which was recorded in Miami two weeks ago. Due to server issues last week, it didn’t air til now. Click here for a direct link to the show.

Scott speaks in particular about his “No Matter” project, images and text about which can be found here. Scott’s work is well-documented on his site, and there are also many images there from Second Front performances.

(Something I forgot to ask Scott: Is Bibbe Hansen actually an active member of Second Front? I kind of want to take this up with the SF guys. I have issues. But whatever… this is for another day.)

Scott’s interview is good and worth a listen. And now with school being over, hopefully I will finish the half-dozen or so articles I’ve been kicking around for this site. So, more soon. I hope.


~ by amyfreelunch on December 18, 2008.

10 Responses to “New episode: Interview with Scott Kildall”

  1. Bibbe is an active member of Second Front .She’s been performing with us a while now .Here is her response to that question :absofucking lutely
    I am sooooooooooooo active

  2. lol

  3. so, wait – why is SF not mentioned in either her wikipedia page or her “official” website ( maybe it’s unfair to bring up the wikipedia page since it could have been edited by anyone, but i think it’s fair to assume that she’s in control of her official site.

    i just find it really weird, is all i’m saying.

  4. Hi, Amy.
    As one of the artistic directors/founders of SF, I want to clarify a little. The idea that in this age of tweets, blogs, websites, Nings, Facebook, etc. that we will have everything up to date is not always the case.

    For example, my website,, is virtually unchanged since 2003 – I’ve been too busy making, and people can find my current work through google.

    How did Bibbe become Second Front?
    From two directions; almost simultaneously. Aroudn the time one of our Emeritus foudners, Jeremy Turner found out Bibbe was online, I was at my dear friends’ Larry Miller and Sara Seagull’s house in the Garment District, and they told me to call Bibbe. I looked her up, we talked for hours, and she organically integrated into SF about 12-18 mos ago.

    Funny thing is that Domenico Quaranta called Second Front “Virtual Fluxus” in an article for Exhibart in early 2007, and I really hesitated, as I felt that it is really presumptuous to associate with a historical group that has clades and politics. I have done work with Larry and Sara, and am very close to Bibbe and her fam, and occasionally see Hannah Higgins, Simon Anderson Alison Knowles, Jack Ox, and am also very close to Susan Ryan, who did the photography for the “Critical Mass” book.

    In the past years, Bibbe and I have become wondrous friends, and we had even discussed doign a “3 generations” piece with her, Larry and I, but there’s a very funny story behind that. But from this friendship, Bibbe was generous enough to show me her dad’s unfulfilled score “Car Bibbe II”, which I really wanted to produce, which she really wanted me to do. We did it at Around the Coyote (Chicago) and in Estonia on the same day. It was wonderful.

    The bottom line is that there is a long term relationship that I have had as, at worst, a child of the Fluxus tradition, and at best an adopted bastard grandchild of the “family”, many of whom I _do not_ know.

    If you look at the old SF bio, we state Fluxus as one of our influences, but it’s funny that we’re now in a “chicken/egg” situation with Bibbe, and probably Larry at some point. While it’s “nice” to be able to put a pin on a Venn diagram, I also say it’s much nicer to have good friends to talk and do good work with.

    If you look a the SF blog, you’ll get an idea. But on the other hand, remember what Dancoyote Antonelli said; “Second Front isn’t a group, they’re a STREET GANG!” We most certainly are, and Bibbe’s one of us.

    Maybe next year we’ll get our denim jackets made. And update our website. Sorry about that.

  5. errata:
    How did Bibbe become _part_ of Second Front?

  6. That last long post is unintentional comedy gold.

  7. The last line missed the intentional irony completely and is therefore officially “punk’d”
    The comment comes from a fitting source 😉

  8. omg “punk’d”

    I’ll assume this is ironic only if you can prove this person actually has an avatar and produces work in Second Life.

  9. I would love to hear an interview with Bibbe about Second Life

  10. interview – good idea. Coming up, next year.
    The one with the glasses and blonde hair is Bibbe’s avvie…

    But currently, bibbe’s recovering from surgery, so hold your horses for a few weeks.

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