latest episode…

Ok, so the episode I recorded while in Miami isn’t airing tonight, due to technical problems having to do with the server or something that Arthole uses. Sucks, but not a lot we can do.

Meanwhile, Cyrus Huffhines was giving me a hard time for not hyping his interview enough, so now’s my chance! Check out last week’s show here.


~ by amyfreelunch on December 11, 2008.

3 Responses to “latest episode…”

  1. best show ever. that guy had me choked-up.

  2. I uploaded Episode 11 to the archive last night.

    Very intrigued by Cyrus’s house concept, please do keep us up to date with developments!

  3. I just listened to this, I didn’t expect it to be so interesting, a very good conversation and I can relate with parts. I wanted to say hey that’s similiar in thinking to Rachel Whiteread’s Ghost House, but the minute I thought that you went and said it.

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