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There’s a really cool and really temporary exhibit of Ichibot Nishi’s work here (clicking that will launch SL). I’m not too sure how temporary – I’ve heard some conflicting things, but it will disappear as soon as (maybe) tonight.

So I took pictures. The place was like IchiLand, a theme park dedicated to the artist and all his Ichibot-ness, sort of like Disneyland meets a retrospective:

I tried to get an overall shot and this is the best I could do. It's about 75% of the exhibition, I think.

I tried to get an overall shot and this is the best I could do.

Kusama tubes + robot voice thing from BiW.

Kusama tubes + robot voice thing from BiW.

A pile of stick fingers.

A pile of stick figures.

Lots and lots of these guys:

I’m so happy to see something new from Ichibot. I’ve missed seeing his work. He’s the most enigmatic artist in SL that I can think of, and I see him as something of a long-lost child of the Surrealists. Sort of.

So – robots, sick mutants, rainbow island, satanic duckie, polka dot tubes, a big banana – what does this crazy thing mean, after all?  Looking at Ichibot’s work, I often feel like a tourist lost on the windy back roads of some exotic location, trying to find her way home. It’s hard to pick apart the specific language that Ichibot is using here, mainly because it’s hard (and at times impossible) to tell when the artist is showing off his smartass sense of humor and when he’s revealing something intimate and deeply honest. There’s a tenderness that runs throughout all the work I’ve seen him do, but it goes hand and hand with a vicious streak. But mostly, when you interact with one of his works, it’s his world and you’re only visiting it.

Plus, it leads me to make notes like the one below, in all its Perez Hilton glory:

Ok, that was from when this was at first going to be a post about me making a map to Ichibotland… but I took it in another direction.


~ by amyfreelunch on October 30, 2008.

5 Responses to “Go here now!”

  1. You’re right Amy, Ichibot really does have his own unique thing going on.

    He often refers to his own work as a “collection”, or “greatest hits” and it looks like this is carrying on in that tradition. From the many times I’ve seen him work I think he often starts something with a loose concept in mind and then lets it evolve naturally as more elements are added. As you observed, there is a frivolity on the surface but there is always a lot more going on and it is immensely rewarding putting together all the pieces. He is capable of creating deeply affecting, intimate spaces, like he did with Lambda Nmemonic and episodic.atomized, or vast, sprawling, epic installations like at Virtual Holland and again with this new work.

    I need to get into SL and see this in it’s finished state before it vanishes.

  2. *that should have read ‘Lambda Mnemonic’ or ‘λ.mnemonic’.

  3. I made an album of shots I took there last night – Ooh photos!

  4. Hey Amy!

    What does it mean? or is it an impetuous loss of subject? Absolutely.
    I do however feel each element is both rational and, in lack of a better word, sincere.
    Things seem much simpler now than when the surrealists entered the scene.
    The emotional landscapes they drew from are now nothing but mere commodities in
    a reified environment ruled by a two currency system. We can look back at what would be Martin Luther King’s last speech and almost feel it, but it seems intangible hidden behind the curtain that has been pulled. On the other hand history tells that he conquered a lot of women which obviously makes him rad, but he’s also dead which is a major disadvantage. The point is I would love Yayoi Kusama to cover my body in red dots.

    To finish of in austere language a function that doesn’t return an answer is denoted by the empty type bottom – the absense of any value; It is however a property twirling within a set of closures.

    Finally moving on from surrealism to Beckett and episodic memory:
    The earth makes a sound as of sighs and the last drops fall from the emptied cloudless sky. A small boy, stretching out his hands and looking up at the blue sky, asked his mother how such a thing was possible. Fuck off, she said.

    I like your pop-up book very much Amy, and thank you for the camerawork Ari.

  5. As of today the island is no more 😦

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