Oh noes!

Ah well, I’m sorry to say this but tonight’s Arthole radio show has been canceled due to server problems.

But there’s good news! Being the obsessively over-prepared little go-getter I am, my show was actually pre-recorded. So even though it won’t be streamed in SL today, you can still download it for your listening pleasure here.

And what a show it is! Cyrus Huffhines is my guest this week and we jump right into a four-part episode:

Part One: DanCoyote Must Die

We return to finish the critique of Hostile Space only to run into yet more problems. You know how when you break up with someone you might say, “Oh, but can’t we just be friends?” Well instead, I would like to say to DanCoyote, “Let’s not be friends… for now.” DC is awesome, but my frustration level went through the roof and I need a little break. You laid back Californians have no appreciation for how we New Yorkers are just ticking time bombs ready to go off at any moment, and all it takes is a malfunctioning teleporter to get us going…

Part Two: We Like Dekka Raymaker

Ok, we do, but to be fair we also lost the part of the recording where we got a little critical of his piece. But no matter – overall we really like it even though Cyrus took the whole “evil AM Radio” thing a little too seriously.

Part Three: New Life for American Apparel?

We wander through the burned out remains of the AA store, mock their products and advertising, and then ask them to do us a big favor by letting me put together an art exhibition in their SL outpost. Good times.

Part Four: Oh, We Really, Really Hate Splenda

We go to Splenda Island for some reason. Wackiness ensues.

Meow, kitties!

ps-next week, the Amy Freelunch Hour goes somewhere super scary (!!!) for a special post-Halloween, pre-Election Day (we tape on Sundays usually, so…) special!


~ by amyfreelunch on October 29, 2008.

8 Responses to “Oh noes!”

  1. Your so right about the external part of Skullduggery, the ‘crypt’ part was initially built to be shown alone, but I was then offered the space on this sim and with Halloween approaching I guess I got carried away with the available space and the piece ended up becoming diluted with aspects of the Halloween theme.

    So, I have nearly completed a revision that is more contained, removing a lot of the folly. The reason the piece was created was missed and is missed by nearly everyone, which in a way makes it fail, however when I explain that the detail of the items are of less importance and are just parts of the bigger picture, point out the clues that are usually over looked, everyone gets it.

    At Skullduggery while at midnight look in the bowl on the floor, there is a photograph, then turn around and look at the skull pictures on the wall, don’t zoom in on them, walk to the pictures and then zoom into the bottom right-hand side picture, hopefully you will understand why the piece was conceived.

    The revised piece is called SkulL and I have included a note card explaining in detail how the parts came together. Hopefully I will be placing this at BiW by Friday.

  2. Not heard your new show yet Amy, I was planning to do that when I streamed it and then it all went so horribly wrong. Anyway, will be back once I’ve listened to it.

  3. What the fuck is Splenda? The only clue I have is that it is “approximately 600 times as sweet as Sucrose”?
    Oh! Maybe Splenda could be the corporate art sponsor you are looking for?

    Can I only see Dekka’s work at BiW?

    Shame about the DC thing, you did give it a second chance but alas it was not to be.

    Sadly, I do not have a spare $20,000 for the boiler fund, have you tried contacting Splenda?

  4. Was it Cyrus that organised the Eno 77 Million Paintings? That was expertly put together.

  5. Yes, that is the one and same Cyrus. For some reason, he didn’t want a big intro, but yes – you nailed it.

    Splenda is an artificial sweetener.

    My boiler suddenly came back to life!! It’s completely insane. More on the next podcast.

  6. Miraculous!

  7. related: alpha auer’s blog post on “gentrification” of second life.

  8. So sad to hear about you continued difficulties viewing my work.

    Best of luck to you Amy

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