H+ magazine

Dancoyote Antonelli is the art director and sole designer of a new online magazine called H+, which may be of interest to the SL/art community as it touches on many of the larger issues hinted at by worlds like Second Life. Many of the articles are written by former Mondo 2000 editor RU Sirius – a major personality and figure in the whole transhumanist world that (I will admit) I kind of forgot about before seeing his name here again; it’s nice to be reminded of his work and I’m glad to see this new venture.

The magazine starts out by highlighting a bunch of futuristic geegaws for the post-cyborg set: skin phones, neuroheadsets, and the like. It goes on to offer some longer, feature-length articles on life extension and an extended interview with Pete Estep of the InnerSpace Foundation.

H+ is gorgeous and provocative; it will be very interesting to see where it goes a few issues into its run. Some of the articles seem a little too in love with the future for my tastes, given that it presents a vision of the future that seems rather inspired by early-90s optimism and techno-fascination rather than the 2008 nihilism I’m feeling this moment as I write this (meaning: it’s hard for me to think that technology like a skin phone is really going to take off if we really are staring the Great Depression in the face). The magazine is also hindered by having so many of the articles authored by Sirius (a quick count came up with 11 articles by him), when a diversity of voices could be a lot more interesting.

No matter. H+ is headed in a great direction and I highly recommend checking it out. I’m excited to see what a magazine of such great potential will write about next.


~ by amyfreelunch on October 18, 2008.

3 Responses to “H+ magazine”

  1. It is indeed a very lovingly produced magazine and full of fascinating articles.

  2. Thanks for the digital ink Amy and the nice comment Arahan. The magazine has become something of a phenomena having 200,000 downloads in 3 days!

    Whoa! Behold the power of social media!


  3. Nice work, DC!

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